Why iconic air?

Emissions. Simplified.

Iconic Air helps operators measure, manage, and reduce their emissions footprint with AI.

Intuitive software. Better insights.

  • &Increase investor interest
  • Benchmark your assets
  • 'Reduce emissions
  • Mobile access
  • NEnsures compliance & security
  • Quarterly inbox insights

Trusted process for hitting your emissions targets.


Step 1: Emissions are the new financials. Iconic Air meets you where you’re at and helps automate monitoring.


Step 2: Ensure decisions are made with the most up to date company and industry emissions trends.


Step 3: Reduce your emissions footprint with new technology while maintaining operational excellence.

About Us

Iconic Air is a software startup pioneering a new way of emissions monitoring and data reporting for the oil and gas industry. We believe in a transparent, continuous, and automated process to ensure a frictionless transition as the world moves toward higher standards of climate change and ESG reporting metrics. 

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